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I’m Franco Laiuppa, a Process Optimization Consultant living in Prague, Czechia.

I enjoy writing about application architectures such as serverless or microservices, the process optimization role and their related subjects of automation, zero coding apps, remote management, chatbots and many other topics.

When it’s time to code I define myself mostly as a backend/CLI type of developer, so naturally I spend most of my time behind a tmux’ed zsh console coding Javascript using vim but other languages and types of development are used when the situation requires it.

If this sounds interesting then we can have a chat or email (loading…) ?

All work and no play…

I’m a foodie which means cooking and taking photos is something fun for me, while running -preferably not in circles- is the sport of choice.

Whenever possible I love to travel around the world while working remotely, so much that I did it for the whole 2016 and beginning of 2017, collecting unbelievable experiences along the way.

Franco is also social!

You can find me on Twitter, Linkedin and Github.