About me

Because nobody interviewed me, I've interviewed myself.

Who are you?

I'm Franco Laiuppa, human that loves programming, swimming and thinking hard about solutions for every day problems.

When was the first time you've programmed?

When I was around eleven years old, I had the luxury of enjoying a 56kB connection which I could only use once per week for fifteen minutes. Fifteen precious minutes that could've been used to chat with people or navigate websites, but in my case, it was used to test mIRC32 scripts.

Why did you choose this line of work?

I got my first web developer job at age sixteen, and never stopped since then. It simply feels natural.

Where are you from?

Steaks, red wine, tango, and football are the specialties of my native Argentina.

What is your best feature?

Perseverance. No problem is bigger than me, given enough time and effort dedicated to solving it.

Besides your contact form, how can I contact you?

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Github.