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Dell XPS 15 (9530) Wi-Fi card upgrade tutorial


The onboard Broadcom 4352 that came with my Dell XPS 15 9530 never worked as intended,
it had a horrible reception, needed drivers and it took several retries to get DNS to resolve
each time, which means it was time to replace it for an Intel 8260NGW.



Unscrew the external T5 Torx screws on the back of the case.

Open the service panel on the back and remove the two screws

With extreme care, use the Jimmy tool to help release the back cover.

Locate the WiFi card (green circle). While you’re at it, you might want to clean up the fans (orange rectangles).

Unscrew the M2.5x6 screw

Disconnect the power and data cables, then carefully remove the BCM4352 card.
Insert the new card in place and connect the cables, you can use the tweezers for extra help.

Important: Make sure you match the cable colors with the arrows colors.

Screw back the metal cover for the card using the M2.5x6 screw and finish up by screwing back the cover.

Boot your computer and your OS will recognize it without the need for drivers, at least on Arch Linux and Windows 10.

I’m also getting a longer battery duration while using this card, sadly I haven’t measured it before and after.