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Scale microservice architectures with Docker Compose


On May 12th I spoke for the very first time in the Bangkok Python Developers Meetup,
which was an amazing experience (thanks everyone again!).
It was also my first time doing code in Python, which I liked a lot and I’m
learning now.

I’ve recorded the event but, unfortunately, my camera decided to shutdown before
I started speaking, even while it had enough battery and storage space, so there’s
no video of it.

That said, I still have the slides!

If you want to play with the code you see there, please refer to the
GitHub repository for Pythai Restaurant Demo.
It comes with instructions on how to run it, but if you have any doubts please
let me know in the comments below.

In a future blog post I’ll write about how this can be improved by scaling this
very same app in different hosts, and how to do this automatically based on
the health of the node and AMQP queue message digestion rate.